FC Harlem understands and recognizes the social, economic and political challenges of playing soccer in
U.S. inner cities.

FC Harlem believes that the U.S. inner cities can have a positive impact on the game with less reliance on "pay to play" and equal opportunities provided for youth to engage in the sport in their own communities. 

FC Harlem recognizes the development of soccer internationally, as some of the world’s best players come from environments similar to American inner cities.

FC Harlem encourages an environment of kids learning by first playing on their own, similar to street basketball, versus over-coaching young players. FC Harlem hopes to see creative and technically skilled players emerge from the inner cities. 



Serving over 500 Harlem, Bronx and Washington Heights youth ages 5 to 19, our programs are open to participants at different skill levels. In addition to soccer programs, FC Harlem youth participate in off-the-field activities designed to provide unique experiences that encourage and empower them to be role models in their communities.