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Harlem and Milan. With the handshake between Massimo Ambrosini and Irv Smalls, Executive Director   of the youth football project in Harlem, the Rossoneri donated 600 footballs to FC Harlem. 


MILAN – At their visit to the New York adidas store, Milan donated 600 footballs to FC Harlem, a football association that aims to help youth in the quarter. 

Present at the adidas store was FC Harlem executive director Irv Smalls. Having a victorious past in sport – Smalls won the prestigious Rose Bowl Game in 1995 with Nittany Lions – he is convinced that football, even if not the American variety, can bring the youth together rather than dividing them. 

FC Harlem was founded in 1990 and believes in the positive potential of children and the strength of football to bring this potential to light, helping children’s development on their path to becoming successful adults.

And it is thanks to initiatives like FC Harlem, encouraged by the gesture from Milan, that Harlem has changed face since the mid-90s – and continues to change for the better.






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